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"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere." -President George Washington, 1794

Welcome to my site, thank god for freespeach or else I wouldn't be able to get away with this. Getting on with it, you've stumbled across my thoughts and stories, I might as well get on with it. By the way this page might get a bit blunt and raw in the future.

The short stories I wrote in high school for my final year english assessment. The Victorian school system is a joke. For example, in english we we're given seven months to complete five essays. Of course there was extra assignments on top but that was easily avoided with an overworked teacher. One good point I suppose was that we didn't have to do Shakespeare again.

More stories will be written in the next couple of months, in the very near future I will be putting up a couple of outlines that I've been sitting on for a while. I haven't had the motivation to complete them, yet. The uncompleted story that is up however has a little bit towards the middle that all the people who typed in sex might enjoy.

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Short Stories:

Trippen Over Houses is a short story involving a group of year 12 students who go to a house party on a Friday night. The main character Glen takes an acid trip, while his friends rage on around.

Muck Up  Glen and his school mates have finished school for the year and decide to tear it up, literally. If you are a bit of the squimish type, or are offended by sex, don't bother clicking. This is the bones of the story with the first part pretty much written, except for minor adjustments

Lost  is another short story about Glen a few years later. He is now a heroin user and is struggling to support his habit.

I have also started to write some poetry, it's quite a lot shorter than the stories that can be found above.

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Note: This site is NOT promoting drug use in any form. As the South Park councillor would say "Drugs Are Bad". If you are going to partake in drug use, as no-one can stop you, remember never take a tab or a trip that hasn't been given to someone else. There are no quality controls among dirty backyard labs, as they are just trying to make a profit. The chemicals they use to make the drugs , if mixed in incorrect quantities can be lethal.

Powders are often cut with other substances such as salt, baking powder, barbiturates and even Ajax. Just to increase THEIR profit. And always remember


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